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Checked Baggage

If you don’t fit indispensable things in your hand luggage and decide to buy registered luggage, Blue Air will put it for a flight in a luggage hatch. You can take with you maximum 4 pieces of luggage, and each of them can have maximum 100x80x30 cm and a specified weight. Allowed weight of registered luggage in Blue Air depends on chosen by you version. You have two options: small or big registered luggage. A piece of small luggage can weigh maximum 20 kilos, and a big one – 32 kilos. Price of each option varies and depends on season.

Blue Air pay attention to content of registered luggage of its passengers. It can’t have any dangerous substances, and all valuable items, like cash, documents or electronic devices have to be placed in hand luggage. For items of high value places in registered luggage, Blue Air don’t bear any responsibility.

Blue Air advises to place on each suitcase a label with a name and surname of an owner, an address and a phone number. If there is such necessity, the crew will have it easier to contact you.

For your registered luggage in Blue Air it is best to pay online – then a price is lower.