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Facts about Blue Air

Blue Air is airlines from Romania that offers low-fare flights on 23 European routes. The company started its operations in December 2004. Since that time it has bought 28 of the most popular planes from series Boeing 737.

Important information about Blue Air concerns mostly regularly scheduled flights and booking classes. Blue Air carries passengers only to some countries in Europe: Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland and Cyprus. The biggest number of airports – 13 – are served in Italy, whereas Belgium, Germany, Ireland and on Cyprus has one airport each, from which you can travel with Blue Air.

Blue Air offers their passengers 3 booking class: Light, Classic and Premium. In each of them in standard price you get check-in and hand luggage to 10 kilos. Amenities on which you can count in Classic class are: additionally 20 kilos of registered luggage and booking of place in a plane, whereas in Premium class – registered luggage extended to 32 kilos and refreshments onboard.

While booking a flight with this carrier, make sure that you get yourself acquainted with the most important information about Blue Air.