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Blue Air - Fleet

According to data from 2017, Blue Air’s fleet is composed of 28 machines from Boeing 737 series. Planes of this type have been in production since 1967 in US. The oldest type used by Blue Air is Boeing 737-300, whereas the youngest one and the most numerous one – Boeing 737-800, whose production started at the end of the 20th century.

Planes Boeing 737 are, without doubt, number one when it comes to popularity in fleet of airlines all over the world. In every moment in the air there are more than 1250 Boeings, whereas each five seconds one of the machines is either landing or departing somewhere on the Earth.

Planes in Blue Air’s fleet can carry from 120 to 189 passengers. Seats are located in two rows with a passage between them. Each row is composed of three seats. The carrier equipped its planes with special type of seats, which we won’t find in typical Boeing 737 machines. These are seats type Recaro, that provide passenger with better comfort, ability to relax and are equipped in reclining backrest.

Blue Air’s fleet is constantly modernized, whereas direction of changes is driven by reduction of fuel consumption and emission of exhaust.