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Hand Baggage

For each flight with these airlines you can take with you free of charge hand luggage. Blue Air is specifying its maximum sizes and weight – it has to measure 55x40x20 cm and weigh maximum 10 kg. What you specifically take with you, depends on your decision – it can be electronic devices, food for flight or pillow. It is important that your hand luggage doesn’t contain any dangerous items. As dangerous objects in hand luggage, Blue Air names, among others, e-cigarettes, batteries and sharp objects. Remember that if your luggage doesn’t meet the requirements, you will be obliged to pay additional fee directly before the flight, on the airport.

During a flight, hand luggage in Blue Air is stored in storage above seats. If you fly on a flight of heavy occupancy, there might not be enough of place in storages for luggage of big number of passengers. In such situation, your luggage can go to luggage hatch. Don’t worry though – this is an exceptional situation and your hand luggage will be free of charge.